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About The Content Doctor

Cutting the crap out of communications for cruelty-free businesses

Ever wish you could share everything you need to in fewer words and in less time?

I work with cruelty-free business owners and marketers who know:

  • Exactly the story they need to tell, and
  • They can say it in less words and time.

The key to company growth is sales, and sales depends on good marketing. Today, there’s WAY too much crap out there. Social posts as long as PhD theses, unannounced one-hour live videos, endless contest loops, and pointing at typed-out words instead of just saying them.

It’s a lot of BS to scroll through, and it’s mostly unnecessary.

I help cruelty-free businesses hone in on their superpowers so they can get their messages out more effectively, grow their companies, and prevent and solve our world’s most pressing challenges. ‘Cause that’s what we’re doing all this for, isn’t it?

Contact me with your needs today.


Book Editing, Formatting, and Ghostwriting Services


I help spiritual and vegan authors create non-fiction memoirs so they can impact people positively with their stories.

If you’ve had a profound life experience and thought about writing and publishing a book about it, I want to work with you!

Since 2020, I’ve been using the same storytelling skills from my 13-year career in public relations to assist authors in publishing their memoirs.

If you:

  • Have a compelling story that can be told in more than 100 pages
  • Have had a spiritual experience that profoundly changed your life and could be called a miracle
  • Once had a health condition that you alleviated through a vegan diet or non-medical means
  • Are vegan and have a new take on the benefits of the lifestyle
  • Believe that your purpose is to inspire and impact the everyday person with your story
  • Can visualize your book shelved in the Mind-Body-Spirit section of a bookstore, or the relevant category for vegan authors; or
  • Are excited to continue telling your story after your book is published in podcast and TV interviews

…let’s work together!

Memoirs and other nonfiction books are incredible records of personal history, experience, and/or expertise. Books can increase your personal brand and credibility as a thought leader, positively influence people in a way you can’t do on your own, and open the door to offers with high-end publishers or opportunities to turn your book into a screenplay for film.

Please visit my website for more information on my services and process, and contact me if you’re ready to begin.


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