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  • 28 Nov 2021 by LOCO BC

    LOCO and  Vancity teamed up to measure the impact of common purchases. We worked with Offsetters and Civic Economics for the carbon and economic analysis. We looked at the purchase of five products  - a loaf of bread, a caffe latte, blueberries, a dress, and a bicycle - from local businesses compared to imported products from non-local businesses. Here's what we found:

    • Locally grown or made product results in a greenhouse gas reduction benefit of between 5% and 66% compared to imported products. 
    • Local products produce a local economic benefit* between 2.0 and 7.1 TIMES that of imported products, an average of 4.1 times. 
    • Local products keep up to 92 cents of every dollar recirculating in the local economy.
    • Local businesses selling the products produce a local economic benefit between 1.8 and 4.3 TIMES that of their multinational brick and mortar competitors, an average of 3.1 TIMES.
    • A local retailer compared to a non-local retailer that is purely online has a benefit of 107 TIMES.

    Although our analysis was set up to compare a local product from a local business compared to an imported product from a multinational business, we thought it would be useful where possible to analyze local products purchased from non-local businesses. Since the non-local bike store for our analysis was purely online, we also assessed the impact of purchasing an imported bike from a multinational brick and mortar store, although not many exist that sell higher-end bikes.

    *Based on greater recirculation of revenues as profit to local owners, payroll to local employees, purchasing with local suppliers (goods and services), and philanthropy to local causes. 

    Download the report (coming soon). Check out the infographics:



  • 26 Nov 2021 by LOCO BC

    The season is upon us. COVID-19, fires and floods make it more important than ever to buy local. In addition to our directory, and our #BCBuyLocal business profiles, here are some great resources to find the best B.C. products and businesses:

    • WeBC Digital Pop-Up Shop: WeBC launched a digital pop-up shop to allow shoppers to browse through multiple women-owned businesses, enabling customers can buy directly from them. 
    • Small Business BC Marketplace: launched by Small Business BC during COVID-19, the marketplace continues to grow. Shop small and local. 
    • Lift Collective: Shop Indigenous, women-owned businesses with Lift Collective. Feel good about your purchases and use your dollars to show support for economic reconciliation. 

  • 22 Oct 2021 by LOCO BC

    The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) lottery products deliver benefits to their retail partners by driving traffic and generating revenue for their business. BCLC lottery products are sold at a variety of retail, hospitality, and gaming establishments across the province of BC. Learn about all of our retailers and find the nearest lottery retailer to you.

    BCLC is working to support lottery retailers and other small and local businesses. In February 2021, LOCO BC worked with BCLC on Spread The Local Love, a campaign to raise money for local charities by purchasing products and gift certificates from local businesses, and auctioning or selling them online. All proceeds went to 10 B.C. charitable organizations. The program raised ~$25,000 and won the GOLD award for Best Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign from the Canadian Public Relations Society in 2021.

    LOCO BC is helping BCLC and local businesses measure and communicate about the positive impact that lottery retailers can make on their communities. Check out the stories of how lottery retailers create good jobs, support local businesses through their purchasing, and donate to charity.

  • 14 Oct 2021 by LOCO BC

    As a follow-up to B.C. Buy Local Week each year, we survey independent businesses to understand the effectiveness of buy local campaigns, and uncover the biggest policy issues affecting them. Here are the highlights:

    • Many businesses see benefits: 54% of businesses report a positive impact from buy local campaigns in their area. Specifically, businesses report that the top five benefits are: 1) awareness of the impact of their own local purchasing, 2) municipal government awareness of the importance of local businesses, 3) collaboration with other local businesses, 4) increased media coverage, and 5) attracting new customers to their businesses. 
    • Engagement is moderate: only 19% of businesses are active promoters of the campaign; 52% are promoted through a business group they are part of but don't go out of their way to promote it.
    • Public awareness is up: 45% report that public awareness of the importance of buying local has increased this year.
    • Co-ordination is needed: buy local campaign managers have work to do to coordinate messaging and engage businesses to actively participate in the campaign. Only 54% of businesses could name the campaign in their area, 17% didn't know the name, and 27% didn't respond to the question. 
    • Public policy issues affecting business: besides the supply chain and labour issues that continue to affect businesses in 2021, businesses report that commercial affordability, permit/license fees, credit card fees, provincial taxes, and community development are the top five issues affecting businesses. Respondents were heavily weighted in the lower mainland.

  • 21 Sep 2021 by LOCO BC

    The COVID-19 crisis has amplified the understanding of the key role that small and local businesses play in their communities and the B.C. economy. As the pandemic exposed the disparities in our economic system, it also highlighted the need for a “new normal”, an imperative to build back to a more just and equitable economy. As part of this effort, LOCO recognized the opportunity to help shape a vision for rebuilding the economy to focus on increasing local business resilience and a strong recovery for the sector. We set out to develop a framework based on key principles to support local business resilience and recovery, in the hopes of supporting local businesses in a more strategic way. The goal of this work is to start to define key principles, as a starting point for follow-on activities to promote, pilot, and implement solutions. They are by no means hard and fast rules; we hope that this is the beginning of an iterative process, informed by many. Download the framework.

  • 07 Jul 2021 by Amy Robinson

    LOCO BC is looking to expand our network of contractors. We are a small and nimble BC-registered non-profit organization. We work with contractors on a variety of projects and tasks on an as-needed basis. There are a variety of tasks listed here that we require support with throughout the year. We don’t expect all the tasks to be performed by the same person; let us know which tasks interest you and skill set. Through this process we hope to create a short roster of consultants we can call on when we need them. Some work will begin immediately.

    You will be contracted on a part-time basis, and will be expected to determine your own hours, work from your own workspace, and use your own equipment. You must operate your own business or sole proprietorship, charge and pay GST (if you exceed the income threshold). LOCO will provide access to subscriptions, tools, etc. to help facilitate completion of the work. 

    Download & Share 


    1- Communications & Partner Engagement: 

    • Membership management 
    • Member communication 
    • Social media planning & content development
    • Campaign development & execution
      • Partnership engagement (may include developing proposals, outreach, etc.)
      • Event management (currently online via Zoom, in person potentially one day again)
      • Business engagement
      • Development of communications materials (stories on businesses, social media collateral)
      • Campaign management:
        • Communicate with partners
        • Communicate with businesses
        • Interview businesses
        • Fill out Community Impact Assessment based on business interview
        • Develop business stories
        • Develop campaign collateral (posts, ads, videos)
        • Plan social media posts

    2 - Research Work: 

    • Proposal writing
    • Research partners and allies to work on various projects
    • Primary and Secondary Research on topics that may include: 
      • Economic impacts of independent businesses 
      • Government policy (tax, development, etc) affecting the enabling environment for independent businesses to thrive
      • Development and commercial affordability 
    • Report writing
    • Manage development of report outcomes like infographics (from outside contractors) based on research reports
    • Media relations (press releases, develop key messages)

    3 - Business Engagement

    • Outreach to independent businesses to:
      • Attend workshops 
      • Organize and conduct interviews to complete Community Impact Assessment and develop business stories as part of campaigns
      • Provide business stories for media

    4 - Outreach to Partners

    • #BCBuyLocal campaign management 
    • Outreach to #BCBuyLocal and other research partners for research purposes, surveys, focus groups, program development, etc.


    • Able to juggle a variety of tasks at once
    • Strategic thinker
    • Good writer
    • Good grasp of social media tools
    • Good grasp of business technology tools (g suite, etc.)
    • Good communication skills
    • Project management skills
    • Social media planning & content development
    • Relationship development & management skills
    • Marketing skills


    Rates are negotiable, and depend on skill level and experience. They range from ~$25-100 per hour. 

    Other Things to Note

    You will be responsible to provide all your own equipment (computer, cellphone, etc). LOCO will provide all software tools and user licenses necessary to complete the work (Stock photos, Canva, Animoto, etc.). 

    All applicants will be considered without attention to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability status. Our goal is to work with consultants of all ages, that reflect the rich diversity of our Province and the country.  

    How to Apply 

    Fill out this form to apply. 

  • 17 Jun 2021 by LOCO BC

    LOCO Vancity Digital Marketing Pilot tech support local business BC

    Since 2017, Vancity and LOCO BC have been partnered with on area-based #BCBuyLocal campaigns. These campaigns have focused partially on the importance for small local businesses to capture more of the online market by improving their online presence through digital marketing and e-commerce. The COVID-19 pandemic shifted consumer shopping behaviour towards online ordering, and at the same time helped contribute to a cultural shift to support small local businesses. While Business Recovery and Launch Online grants have helped many businesses develop their online channel, few have the technical support they need, some did not qualify for grants, and others may be too cash-strapped after contributing 25% of their technology build out to budget for digital marketing.

    In order to compete effectively online against multinational corporations with big marketing budgets, LOCO and Vancity are conducting a pilot project to provide technical expertise to businesses, an action plan, along with expertise and cash for implementation. The goal is to get some exposure at a time when the province is slowly lifting restrictions following the third wave of COVID-19. Consumers who are sitting on savings will begin to spend and travel more, and it’s important that we support local businesses to capture that spending to support a local recovery and the resilience of small local businesses.  

    The pilot will offer 10 businesses the opportunity to:

    1. Book a one hour one-on-one session with Crisp Media to workshop questions on: 
      • ecommerce
      • digital marketing / online lead generation and/or 
      • technology/software to streamline operations
    2. Receive an action plan
    3. Receive up to $1000 in funding to implement the action plan 
    4. Receive support for implementation if required

    The program starts immediately. The pilot will be offered on a first come/first served basis to businesses in the 7 areas in which Vancity and LOCO BC have partnered since 2017:

    • Commercial Drive/East Vancouver
    • Burnaby Heights
    • Point Grey Vancouver
    • Mission
    • Ambleside-Dundarave West Vancouver
    • Langley
    • Squamish (ongoing June 2021)

    Priority will be given to: Vancity members (required) and LOCO members (not required but preferred).

    What's the process? 

    1. Fill out the application - should take less than 10 minutes
    2. We will contact you to book a one-hour coaching session
    3. Receive your list of action items
    4. Receive your funding 
    5. Implement - yourself, or with support from Crisp Media

    Apply Now

  • 12 Jun 2021 by LOCO BC

    First Nations communities across the country are grieving. Here are 6 ways settlers can support them.

    6 Ways to Support Indigenous People* .

    In honour of Indigenous History Month, here are 6 actions we can each take to support Indigenous Peoples:

    1. Support Indigenous Business ~ seek them out and discover their beautiful offerings 
    2. Learn about the colonial history and ongoing impacts of colonization in Canada ~ read Indigenous authors
    3. Learn the Indigenous names of the places you live and the places you visit
    4. If you are non-indigenous and non-minority, recognize your privilege and how you can mobilize this for good
    5. Have a conversation with your children, other family members and friends about the ongoing legacy of residential schools
    6. Also have conversations about the Indigenous leaders, innovators, scholars, politicians, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, authors, doctors, lawyers, land defenders, elders and knowledge holders who bring their indigeneity into the world.
      *reprinted with permission from Sḵwálwen Botanicals. Folllow them on instagram, read their #BCBuyLocal impact storyshop their website, or buy at local retail partners.

    Indigenous Businesses to Support

    1. Sḵwálwen Botanicals (skwall - win) is an Indigenous business creating botanical skin care products. Honouring traditional Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) plant knowledge, they incorporate sustainably harvested plants and organic, high quality ingredients. Check out their #BCBuyLocal impact story on our website.   
    2. Ravens Brewing Co. is a family-owned award-winning brewery and distillery in Abbotsford. Proud of their heritage and community, Ravens Brewing is an Indigenous Corporation focused on developing partnerships with local suppliers and businesses in the development of beers, spirits and other similar products.
    3. Aboriginal & Eco-Tours offers you authentic Aboriginal cultural and eco-tourism experiences in and around Vancouver, Squamish and the Sunshine Coast. We also offer on-line Live virtual tours via Zoom, including corporate tours for your employees. Check out their #BCBuyLocal impact story on our website.   
    4. Irondog Books is an Indigenous-owned bookshop and booktruck dedicated to bringing low cost reading to Səl̓ilwətaɁɬ, Sḵwx̱wú7mesh and xʷməθkʷəy̓əm territories (Metro Vancouver). 
    5. Sister Sage is a producer and online retailer of wellness products made with traditional Indigenous ingredients. They hand craft beautiful modern self-care & wellness products including soaps, bath bombs, salves and smokeless smudge honors our ancestral teachings of sage, cedar, sweetgrass, lavender and more.
    6. Satya makes products to soothe your dry, itchy and inflamed skin. It's more than a moisturizer. Whether you're dealing with eczema or simply stressed out skin, Satya is a proven effective topical anti-inflammatory that soothes + restores all types of skin.
    7. Skwachàys Lodge is an Indigenous Arts Hotel in Vancouver, with rooms designed by local Indigenous artists and Vancouver interior designers and a gallery that features Indigenous artwork mostly from local artists. It is a social enterprise that provides the funding for 24 living and work studios for an “Artist in Residence” program in the building, and is owned and operated by Vancouver Native Housing Society, which is governed by an all-Indigenous Board of Directors.
    8.  Salmon and Bannock is Vancouver's only Indigenous owned and operated restaurant. They use traditional ingredients with authentic flavours to create wonderful and delicious modern dishes.
    9. Mr. Bannock Indigenous Cuisine is a food truck in North Vancouver that includes menu items including the bannock taco, bannock burgers, and Bannock eclairs. They've partnered with local and Indigenous businesses to build the menu, including Spirit Bear Coffee and One Arrow Meats.

    10. The Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre is a three-story, 30,400-square foot award-winning cultural centre designed to blend the traditional Squamish Longhouse with the Lil'wat Istken. Cultural Ambassadors share their knowledge and stories with guests, augmenting the information shared throughout the centre's curated collection of artifacts and contemporary pieces. The Centre includes Whistler's largest Indigenous gift shop, and Thunderbird Cafe, an Indigenous inspired eatery. 

    Other ways to discover Indigenous-owned businesses:

    For other ideas, check out our blog post on supporting BIPOC-owned businesses

  • 28 Apr 2021 by LOCO BC

    The City of Vancouver has released the long-awaited results of its 2019 study of the health of retail-zoned businesses in key neighbourhoods.

    Even before the COVID-19 crisis, many of Vancouver's neighbourhoods were facing increased commercial property taxes as high as 45% and businesses vacating stores at a rate of 40%. It's unfortunate but not surprising that the report found there are now fewer independent businesses and more chains. Commercial buildings are also being bought up by numbered companies and developers, who may not always have the best interests of their commercial tenants in mind.  

    The research found that:

    • Chains have grown 24%, while independents have reduced 13%*
    • Vacancies have increased 40%
    • 67% (4 of the 6 study neighbourhoods) have vacancies higher than considered "healthy" 
    • Commercial building ownership is becoming concentrated in the hands of developers (71% increase) and numbered companies (45% increase)
    • It's getting more expensive to do business. Property tax increases in the 6 study areas range between 15% (South Granville) and 47% (Marpole) with a mean of 30%

    What can be done?

    According to the report some core factors for healthy retail nodes are:

    • Fair and predictable property taxes and rents
    • Presence of anchor tenants, including one or more retail grocery stores (or equivalent)
    • Relatively low vacancy rates (typically under 10%)
    • A complementary tenant mix that is appropriate for a given local shopping area’s community role
    • Strong leadership and proactivity from the BIAs, including regular interface between leadership and key anchor tenants and landlords
    • A clean, safe, and friendly public realm
    • Accessibility by all modes, with appropriate parking supply geared to the customer base
    • A sufficiently sized local trade area with a residential population and density to support local businesses
    • A supportive regulatory environment including timely permitting and licensing, sufficiently flexible zoning, and streamlined points of contact between businesses and City administration

    *One thing to note is that this study uses Statistics Canada's definition of a "chain" as a business with four or more locations. We don't agree with this definition, and consider any privately owned, B.C.-based independent business to be "independent" based on their local economic impact and ability to make local decisions. 

    Check out the Executive Summary, Full Report and Report to Council

  • 29 Jan 2021 by LOCO BC

    British Columbia Lottery Corporation's #SpreadTheLocalLove campaign kicks off today. This online fundraising event supports local businesses & charities. From Feb 1-15, bid on great products from local businesses & the proceeds go to the deserving local charity of your choice. Check out all the great local products & bid now!

  • 04 Dec 2020 by Amy Robinson

    Gift Guides

    Destination BC Gift Guides: Indigenous Owned Business Guide & Community Guides from all across B.C.

    Small Business BC (SBBC) Gift Guides: featuring SBBC Marketplace businesses in guides for local shopping in Lower Mainland/Southwest, Kootenay, Vancouver Island & Northern BC  

    Huffington Post Gift Guide: Great Canadian Gift Guide featuring products and businesses from across Canada. 

    Modo Makers Holiday Guide: Featuring Modo's artisan maker members. 

    Vancouver Mom: Local holiday gifts for everyone on your Christmas list. 

    Downtown Vancouver BIADowntown businesses you can shop local online this holiday. 

    Squamish Chamber of Commerce: Gift cards, business directory & special offers from local businesses. 

    Gift Cards

    Support Local BC: Buy gift certificates for local businesses in communities across B.C. Shop any community, or choose "Send a Gift" from the top menu bar for gift card that the recipient can redeem at any business on the site.

    The Local Gift Card: Buy gift certificates accepted at member businesses in Kelowna and the Okanagan.

    Island Comeback: Buy gift certificates for local businesses in rural island communities.



  • 01 Dec 2020 by LOCO BC

    B.C. Buy Local Week (November 30–December 6, 2020) is an annual celebration of the unique contributions that B.C. businesses make to our economy. They strengthen the social fabric and donate to local causes. They provide great jobs, and support local service providers, keeping money circulating in the community. Consumers love local and B.C. Buy Local Week helps showcase B.C. local owned businesses, and B.C. local grown and local made products found in stores everywhere. Help us amplify the campaign. Share the graphics, tell us how you're local, and participate in our contest. Check out our partner contests in communities across B.C. (below).

    BC Buy Local Week Contests

    BC Buy Local Promote & Share Contest: Win one of ten $50 gift certificates from Support Local BCThe Local Gift Card or Island Comeback when you promote and share November 30th to December 6th. Share how you’re supporting local businesses this season, tag your favourite local businesses, and tag your friends to join the campaign.

    To enter:

    1. Sign up for LOCO’s mailing list. Go to LOCO BC’s homepage and enter your email under “Stay in Touch” towards the bottom. We don’t send many emails!
    2. Choose “BC Buy Local Updates”
    3. Tag your favourite business on our post (FacebookInstagram or Twitter) on Wednesday December 2nd, 2020.

    We’ll contact you via email and send you a gift certificate applicable to many businesses in your area. You must answer your email to collect your prize within 7 days or it will be reissued to another winner.

    Downtown Vancouver BIA: Check out “A Very #DowntownVan Holiday Giveaway!” The DVBIA is giving away 12 days of gifts (totaling over $5,000!) to 12 lucky winners.  Enter on instagram.

    Township of Langley Tourism: To celebrate Buy Local Week Nov 30 – Dec 6, we will be shining the spotlight on small local businesses in all 6 of our Township communities. We are grateful to all businesses for supporting and serving our community! Comment each day on Facebook and Instagram for the chance to win 1 of 2 Locally-Sourced Goodie Boxes each valued at $150 made possible by Tourism Langley and by PositiveEyedentities. Want to buy a Goodie Box? Visit for details.

    Other Promotions

    Modo: Get $50 worth of drive time for new members from B.C.'s pioneering car sharing co-op. 

    Fresh Prep: Get 75% off your first week when you sign up for the 2-person + 2 recipe plan!

    Sunshine Coast Credit Union: Between November 30 and December 30, 2020, we invite you to enjoy a one-time $10 discount when you purchase a $50+ gift card* from a Sunshine Coast business through @supportlocal.bc website. Use Promo Code: ShopCoastalBankLocal

    Did we forget something? Let us know!







  • 19 Jun 2020 by LOCO BC

    LOCO BC released a report today that quantifies the cost of permit/license delays in the City of Vancouver. We found that for each permit/license, there is an economic cost to the business and the local economy of nearly three quarters of a million dollars. Download the report now



  • 10 Jun 2020 by LOCO BC

    It's time to end white supremacy. We all have a lot of work to do to address our own biases, and to work to end systemic racism in B.C. and the rest of Canada. I hope you're all doing your own personal work, integrating it into your business, and leveraging your privilege to upset entrenched systems.  


    As consumers and businesses, we can use our spending to support the kind of world we want to live in. Please consider supporting businesses owned by black, indigenous, people of colour (BIPOC) owners and the organizations that support them. Here are a few you might consider:  
    Black Entrepreneur & Business Directory of BC: 

    Black owned businesses across Canada:

    Black owned business directory (mostly U.S., but a growing list of Canadian businesses at the end - scroll way down)

    Indigenous Business and Investment Council Directory:

    KTunaxa Nation Kootenay Aboriginal Business Directory:

    Nuu-chah-nulth Nations Business Directory: 

    Squamish Nation Directory (kind of old):

    Metis Business Directory:

    STÓ:LŌ Nation Business Directory:

    CAMSC certified Aboriginal and Minority-owned Suppliers.

    Lift Collective has a list of women-owned indigenous enterprises

    The Small Business BC Marketplace lists many Indigenous-led businesses. 


    In our organizations, we can work to eliminate bias and help end systemic racism. Here are some resources and consultants who can help you do it. Many more are out there - do your research, and ask around:

    Reconciliation Canada: Reconciliation Learning Experiences for Organizations.

    KinSHIFT: helps settlers cultivate relationships with Indigenous peoples and place. A four workshop series is available several times per year. 

    MOSAIC: Intercultural Competency Training.

    AMMSA Diversity and Inclusion Training.

    Qmmunity Queer Competency Training.

    Guide on Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community (US based), with resources for help:

  • 27 May 2020 by LOCO BC


    Buying gift cards to support local businesses in Metro Vancouver and Squamish now easier with new online platform


    May 11, 2020

    Vancity, LOCO BC, and business organizations throughout the Lower Mainland are launching a program to promote the purchase of gift cards from local businesses in partnership with Support Local BC. 

    Support Local BC provides an online platform where customers can support their favourite local businesses by purchasing gift cards for future use. Support Local BC was first launched in Victoria this March by Think Local First in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s threat to businesses who have had to adjust operations or close their doors.

    The site launched initially with businesses from the Greater Victoria region and has currently sold more than $22,000 in gift cards for 172 businesses. With this partnership with Vancity and LOCO BC, the platform is expanding to include businesses through Metro Vancouver and in Squamish, and is expected to connect consumers to hundreds of local businesses. 

    The partnership between Support Local BC and LOCO BC, Vancity, Downtown Vancouver BIA, the Vancouver BIA Partnership, and Squamish Chamber of Commerce will cover payment processing fees to businesses throughout Metro Vancouver and in Squamish, so businesses in those communities can get the full amount of any gift cards purchased for their operations. 

    To join the platforms, businesses can sign up at no cost. The sign up process takes about two minutes to fill out the form and businesses will be added to the site quickly. Gift cards are available for purchase in $10, $25, $50 and $100 denominations. 

    Consumers can purchase gift cards by visiting, choosing the community and business(es) they wish to purchase from and the gift card(s) will be emailed to the buyer directly. These gift cards do not expire and are non-refundable.

    LOCO BC is a non-profit organization building stronger communities with applied research of the policies and practices of a fair and just economy, contributing to a world where resilient communities are based on shared economic prosperity. They engage businesses and educate consumers on the importance of supporting independent businesses, research the challenges faced by independent businesses, advocate for reducing these barriers, and work to build bridges between businesses and policymakers.



    Amy Robinson, Founder and Executive Director of LOCO BC

    “People are looking for ways to use their spending to keep the businesses they love in their community alive. Local businesses need our help and support to survive these scary economic times, and this online gift card platform is giving businesses a chance to get some care and support from their customers who know how important they are to their local communities.” 


    Elizabeth Lougheed Green, Director of Community Investment at Vancity

    “Vancity is proud to partner with Support Local and LOCO BC to support local businesses across the province. These are very challenging times for small businesses and we hope the Support Local BC gift card program will help alleviate cashflow pressures for businesses as they navigate through the challenges of COVID-19. When the country gets through the worst of this pandemic, small businesses will play a significant role in helping to drive our economic recovery, and now is the time to support them.”


    Charles Gauthier, President & CEO, Downtown Vancouver BIA

    “Local businesses play a very important role in building community and a unique sense of place. The Support Local BC platform gives customers a new way to shop with their favourite local businesses, as well as discover other businesses that might become new favourites.”


    Tricia Barnes, Vancouver Business Improvement Area Partnership

    “The Vancouver BIA Partnership represents the 22 BIAs in the city and is excited about this opportunity to support the small business community in Vancouver. “ 


    Louise Walker, Executive Director, Squamish Chamber of Commerce

    “Squamish is a hub for small business, with a diverse range of boutiques, restaurants and activities, along with a strong craft and artisan scene. Support Local BC is a great way to support small businesses with cashflow during these challenging times, and presents a unique opportunity to get a taste of Squamish, from jewelry and artisan design, to craft beer and rock climbing. The Squamish Chamber is proud to continue our partnership with LOCO BC to support local businesses, and we are incredibly grateful to VanCity for their continued support of small businesses.”


    Media Contact

    Amy Robinson
    604) 351-1664‬

  • 24 Apr 2020 by Amy Robinson

    Here's a list of current operations offered by LOCO members during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • 30 Mar 2020 by LOCO BC

    We're compiling a list of initiatives and resources, and will continue to edit as things develop.


    Buying Local

    Local businesses need your dollars more than ever. Check out these sites on how to purchase from local stores and restaurants:

    Delivery from Local Businesses

    YVR Local Delivery is a list of businesses in many categories offering home delivery.

    Canadian Indie Bookstores identifies independent bookstores in your community, and across the country.

    Get Groceries is an initiative of Fat Cow & Oyster Bar (Langley) to deliver local produce, protein and prepared goods from local farmers and manufacturers.

    BeerVan offers craft brew, kombucha and ginger beer deliveries from Vancouver's local breweries. Delivery to Vancouver, Burnaby, New West & North Van.

    Delivery/Take Out from Local Restaurants & Food Producers

    Breaking Bread is a comprehensive list of food businesses offering take-out, delivery and more.

    Silver Lining let's you order meals or subscription meals from participating East Van restaurants including: BandidasDosankoJamjarKin Kao & Sopra Sotto

    Good to Grow online purchasing platform for local food producers. 

    BC Farmer's Markets is helping local farmer's markets to create an online purchasing platform. Stay tuned.

    Gift Card & Merch Purchasing for Gifts, Current/Future Use

    SupportLocalBC allows you to purchase gift cards from businesses in many areas of the Province for future use. 

    SupportYYJ allows you to purchase gift cards from businesses in Victoria for future use. 

    Buy Now Shop Later allows consumers to buy gift cards from businesses on the Sunshine Coast. 

    Vancouver Strong allows consumers to buy branded merchandise cards from their favourite local businesses to support them during the crisis. They also sell "Vancouver Strong" t-shirts in support of the Canadian Centre for Disease Control.  

    Business Resources

    Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) for small businesses.

    Government of Canada 75% wage subsidy for small and medium sized businesses. 

    BC's Reopening Plan Guidelines: BC COVID-19 Go Forward Strategy. Guidelines for re-opening in various sectors and Go Forward Management Checklist.

    FREE face masks for small businesses. is offering free 1-page websites for small businesses for one year.

    Vancity Community Portal provides a list of support programs for businesses and non-profits.

    The BC Economic Development Association has developed a COVID-19 guide for businesses.

    Small Business BC has launched a B.C. Business COVID-19 Support Service to serve as a single point of contact for businesses throughout the province looking for information on resources available during the COVID-19 pandemic. Advisors are available Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Pacific time) and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 1 833 254-4357 or email Live chat is available on their dedicated website.

    Small Business BC has also launched an online marketplace for small businesses across B.C. to promote their goods and services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The City of Vancouver has launched the COVID-19 Business Communications and Support Office to offer a single point of contact for Vancouver’s local business owners to:

    • Get information about business support programs
    • Learn what City services for businesses are currently up-and-running
    • Make suggestions to the City about business and the economy

    BC Hydro will waive fees for up to three months for affected small businesses. Application opens the week of April 13th. 

    Futurpreneur has a new support package that will cover loan payments for six months for each of its more than 3,200 Start-up Program clients whose Futurpreneur loan was disbursed prior to April 1, 2020. This loan payment coverage is effective March 25 through to September 24, 2020, and comes at a crucial time for thousands of young entrepreneurs across Canada whose small businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to the six-month loan payment coverage, for existing eligible Futurpreneur clients who require extra working capital to help cover operating costs during this challenging period and do not qualify for the Canada Emergency Business Account, Futurpreneur will offer a top-up loan of up to $10,000, interest-free, with one year of deferred repayment.

    Advocacy for Direct Support links to some great articles, recommends three policy measures, asks that you share your story, and is collecting signatures on a petition for non-debt solutions for small business:

    1. Pause Rent April 1: Mandate the first $10,000 of commercial rent is waived for 3 months and give landlords the support they need to make it happen.
    2. Keep Our Staff Together: Increase the wage subsidy to 80%, so small businesses have staff when we’re ready to restart our economy.

    3. Defer Debt Obligations: Give us a breather from both principal and interest payments on all of our loans. Give our landlords the same support so they can waive our rent.

    Here's a great article that proposes deferred costs for small businesses in the short term, and a letter to MPs proposing direct support policy measures.


    The Tyee is offering small and local businesses free display advertising to businesses affected by the shutdowns, to encourage people to buy gift cards or somehow support local businesses. Here's some info on their audience and display advertising options.  If you are interested, please fill out this application. Once approved, they’ll be in touch via email to get ad creatives. They are offering one week of remnant advertising, 3 sizes of ads, and we'll run maximum 4 business' ads per week, to ensure people get a decent share of impressions.

    Facebook has launched a $100M small business grant program offering cash grants and ad credits to affected small businesses.

    Help Line

    The Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses has launched a COVID-19 Small Business Help Centre for members and non-members.

    Grants & Financing

    Facebook has launched a $100M small business grant program offering cash grants and ad credits to affected small businesses.

    The Business Development Bank of Canada offers financing options for businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

  • 29 Nov 2019 by LOCO BC


    • Independent businesses recirculate up to 4.6 times more revenue in the local economy than multinationals
    • Independent businesses recirculate up to $63 of every $100 in revenue in the local economy, compared to $14 for multinationals
    • Independent businesses produce up to 8.4 times more jobs/ft2 & up to 8.1 times more revenue/ft2 than multinationals
    • Independent businesses spend up to 31.4% of their revenue on B.C. products & services
    • Independent businesses donate up to 24 times more per dollar of revenue to local charities that multinationals
    • A 10% shift in B.C. consumer spending towards independent businesses would create 14,150 jobs & keep $4.3 billion in the B.C. economy

    In early 2019, LOCO BC commissioned Civic Economics to conduct a study to determine the local recirculation impact of consumer spending with locally owned businesses. We felt it was important to update and verify similar B.C. data produced by separate 2013 studies by LOCO BC and Civic Economics.

    This year we looked at the impact of brick and mortar retail stores and restaurants in three communities in the B.C.’s lower mainland to calculate the recirculation impact of local businesses located there, and compare it to the recirculation of similar multinational businesses. We worked with report sponsors: Buy Social Canada and Community Impact Real Estate Society (CIRES) in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES), Newton Business Improvement Area in Newton, and the Township of Langley in Langley. The project was also supported by several business groups who assisted with outreach to businesses the Langley Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Langley BIA, Tourism Langley and BIAs in Gastown BIA and Strathcona.

    Download the full report.

  • 27 Sep 2019 by LOCO BC

    We're updating B.C.'s multiplier effects data, to demonstrate the economic benefit of independent businesses. Working with Civic Economics and communities across B.C., we'll demonstrate the recirculation of local spending. Our previous research shows that purchases made with local businesses circulate 2.6 times in the community, creating more jobs, supporting local suppliers and sending donations to local charities.     

    The Township of LangleyNewton BIA, Buy Social Canada and the Community Impact Real Estate Society (CIRES) (downtown eastside Vancouver area) have signed on as partners. 

    Our study will engage at least 10 restaurants and retailers in each study area to determine the recirculation of spending within B.C. by assessing the business' profits, payroll, purchasing and philanthropy. 

    Civic Economics (CE) has extensive experience in multiplier effect research, whose data have been quoted by well respected publications including The Economist and The New York Times. CE will collect business data and compare it with up-to-date recirculation data on multinational corporations, to determine the multiplier effect in B.C. Each community will also receive its own community report, and LOCO BC will conduct a deeper dive on the economic recirculation of businesses committed to local hiring and purchasing within Vancouver's downtown eastside (DTES). 

    If you're a business involved in the study, please fill out our survey. It gathers information on where your profits, payroll, purchasing, and philanthropy are directed. All data collected from individual businesses is completely confidential. We will only report information aggregated from each area, and B.C. as a whole. 

    Interested in becoming a partner community? Contact us immediately! There's not much time to gather data from retailers and restaurants before they get busy with holiday shopping. 

  • 06 May 2019 by LOCO BC

    Many of us will head out this week searching for the perfect gift or experience to show our Mums how much we care. On average, Canadians will spend $76 on gifts, or up to $184 on experiences like brunch, dinner, or spa days.(Source: Global News 2017) That's a lot of money circulating in the local economy!

    When you spend at a small or local business, or on locally grown or locally made products, that spending recirculates many times because those businesses hire more local workers, warehouse, transport and retail their products here, and support other local suppliers like banks, accountants, employee benefits providers, waste management companies and more. Local spending keeps 2.6 times the money in the economy! When you spend $100, $46 stays recirculating compared to $18 for big multinational chains. 

    Here are 4 ways you can Buy Local this Mother's Day:

    1. Shop in Store

    Visit your favourite storefronts and keep community shopping areas vibrant. 45 cents of $1 spent at local retailer stays in the community compared to 17 cents for chains.

    2. Buy local online & get local gift cards

    Support local businesses from the comfort of your home. 2 out of every 3 dollars spent online in Canada goes to a U.S. multinational. You can buy B.C. when you buy online. Many local businesses offer online shopping with in-store pick-up or delivery. You can also buy B.C. when you buy gift cards from local stores & restaurants; many offer electronic delivery.

    3. Eat & Drink Local

    Choose local ingredients for Mother's Day meals & dine at local restaurants. 40% of B.C. farms are small / 65 cents of $1 spent at local restaurants stays in the community compared to 30 cents for chains. Choose local wine, beer, cider & spirits. Local brewers provide 1 out of every 100 jobs in Canada & contributes $6B in tax revenue. 

    4. Buy Local Made

    Support talented BC artists, makers and manufacturers. B.C. has 1800 food/beverage & 600 apparel companies, and manufacturing is B.C.'s 7th largest employer. 

    Check out some of BC's best businesses and shift your shopping this Mother's Day, and please share our graphic below.

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