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About White Blue Green Consulting Inc.




We do this work, because we believe that making business more sustainable will have the next massive positive impact on the environment.


We have been advocates for sustainable development for over 25 years. Today, we are turning our attention to all business and the impact that every single business has on the planet. 


Almost everything runs from a business. Most of us work in a business or run a business to earn a living, make a profit,  and save for retirement. And every day, businesses impact the environment, from employees driving to work, to the way we do things with our products and services. Business is the impact, and White Blue Green exists to help all companies reduce their impact on the planet. We believe in what is commonly known as the Triple Bottom Line:   People, Planet and Prosperity.


White Blue Green Value Proposition:

White Blue Green  Consulting provides corporate sustainability solutions that add value and impact for companies and their communities. Working with White Blue Green Consulting, companies reduce risk, waste and their carbon footprint; increase profit, competitiveness and customer loyalty; and build positive social impact that enhances the world we live in.  


White Blue Green Goal:

We aim to empower every client to realize their fullest potential to have a positive impact and presence in their communities.  

Products & Services

White Blue Green, at its heart, is a sustainable consulting firm. Our services include: 


  • Client side Holistic Sustainability Design Review for Value Engineering.  We are your In House Sustainability Manager - when you need us. 
    • Mechanical review
    • Envelope review
    • Materials review 
    • Energy (compliance review)
  • Fractional Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Company Sustainable Design Review
  • Product Sustainability Review
  • Social/Sustainable Purpose 
  • Corporate Sustainability Cultural Coaching 


For Corporate Owners: we work with you to develop a corporate and product sustainability strategies. From company sustainability purposes, strategies, plans, goals and objectives to product lifecycle, supply chain, and waste management strategies.  We help every company embrace the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet, and Prosperity.

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White Blue Green Consulting Inc.

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  • Troy Glasner

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Troy Glasner
White Blue Green Consulting Inc.