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  • 06 May 2019 by LOCO BC

    Many of us will head out this week searching for the perfect gift or experience to show our Mums how much we care. On average, Canadians will spend $76 on gifts, or up to $184 on experiences like brunch, dinner, or spa days.(Source: Global News 2017) That's a lot of money circulating in the local economy!

    When you spend at a small or local business, or on locally grown or locally made products, that spending recirculates many times because those businesses hire more local workers, warehouse, transport and retail their products here, and support other local suppliers like banks, accountants, employee benefits providers, waste management companies and more. Local spending keeps 2.6 times the money in the economy! When you spend $100, $46 stays recirculating compared to $18 for big multinational chains. 

    Here are 4 ways you can Buy Local this Mother's Day:

    1. Shop in Store

    Visit your favourite storefronts and keep community shopping areas vibrant. 45 cents of $1 spent at local retailer stays in the community compared to 17 cents for chains.

    2. Buy local online & get local gift cards

    Support local businesses from the comfort of your home. 2 out of every 3 dollars spent online in Canada goes to a U.S. multinational. You can buy B.C. when you buy online. Many local businesses offer online shopping with in-store pick-up or delivery. You can also buy B.C. when you buy gift cards from local stores & restaurants; many offer electronic delivery.

    3. Eat & Drink Local

    Choose local ingredients for Mother's Day meals & dine at local restaurants. 40% of B.C. farms are small / 65 cents of $1 spent at local restaurants stays in the community compared to 30 cents for chains. Choose local wine, beer, cider & spirits. Local brewers provide 1 out of every 100 jobs in Canada & contributes $6B in tax revenue. 

    4. Buy Local Made

    Support talented BC artists, makers and manufacturers. B.C. has 1800 food/beverage & 600 apparel companies, and manufacturing is B.C.'s 7th largest employer. 

    Check out some of BC's best businesses and shift your shopping this Mother's Day, and please share our graphic below.