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  • 13 Feb 2018 by Amy Robinson

    Each year LOCO BC conducts a survey of independent business in B.C. We measure the impact of buy local campaigns (ours and other community-focused campaigns), and the impact of B.C. Buy Local Week in the Province. We also survey businesses on their biggest challenges and concerns.

    2017 BC Buy Local Campaign Survey Results

      In 2017 businesses reported that buy local campaigns continued to raise public awareness, positively impacted customer attraction, retention and foot traffic, and that B.C. Buy Local Week had a direct, positive impact on sales. 

    2016 Holiday Sales Compared to 2015

    Many businesses (about half) also reported that holiday sales for the 2016 season (November-December) were up from the previous holiday season.


    Businesses reported that some of their top challenges are:

    1. Struggling Customer Base: The customer base served by businesses is struggling financially.
    2. Labour: A shortage of qualified employees, increasing wages and high costs associated with employee benefits programs.
    3. Rise of Online Shopping: Competition from internet retailers, competition from large brick and mortar chains, and that competitors receive better pricing and terms.
    4. Marketing: Can’t afford effective marketing, and unclear of effective marketing strategy.
    5. Shortage of Affordable Commercial Space: Rising property taxes increased lease costs, and leasing agents sometimes prefer to lease to Multinational Corporations (chain stores), leaving less space available to independent businesses.

    We've just launched our 2018 survey. If you're an independent business in B.C., please participate now.

  • 09 Feb 2018 by LOCO BC

    Will Alberta's move to restrict the sale of B.C. wine increase awareness of the need to support local wineries? 

    Alberta premiere Rachel Notley recently moved to restrict the sale of B.C. wines in response to B.C. premier John Horgan's order of additional reviews that will likely delay construction of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline.

    In response, a viral campaign to support B.C. wineries has started, using the hashtags #ToastTheCoast #PinotNotPipelines #BCWinePledge and #BuyBCWine. 

    In what's shaping up to be the best protest ever, the CBC recently reported consumers including Andrew Weaver purchasing B.C. wine to support local producers in the face of decreased sales from Alberta. People across the country are jumping in to show their support, with consumers in Ontario and Quebec are emptying the shelves of B.C. wine. 

    Let's all support B.C. wineries and #ToastTheCoast!